Go canoeing wherever you want to! The area around Askersund, Tiveden and Örebro has plenty of nice lakes and rivers for canoeing.

An inflatable canoe is perfect if you want to explore new waters. It is packed in a bag that you can carry as a backpack which makes it easy to transport and bring to your wished starting point. When it is time to go paddling it is inflated with a foot pump that is packed in the bag.

Experitur rents the inflatable canoe Gumotex Palava which fits two adults (with luggage), or two adults and one child (day trip). It is also a good choice for a solo paddling in case you want to bring a lot of equipment on the tour. The Palava weighs only 17 kg but can carry a total of 240 kg.

Gumotex Palava has three different air chambers; one on each side and another on at the buttom. The buttom is slightly flatter than a traditional canoe and is therefore very stable. If you go paddling on your own you can choose whether you want a single or double paddle. When there are two persons paddling we recommend that the stronger and heavier person sits in the back and then you paddle together or alternate a bit.

We are happy to give tips and ideas where to go and where you find the most beautiful places. We will also advice how to prepare and inflate the canoe and give some secrets about the paddling. If you want to go on a longer tour Experitur also rents tents, sleeping bags and much more. Welcome to contact us for more information!


3 hours 350 SEK / 35 €

Full day 500 SEK / 50 €

2 days/1 night 850 SEK / 85 €

Please contact us for prices if you want to rent longer periods.

The inflatable canoe comes in a bag that you can carry on your back. Except the canoe it also contains a foot pump. Two paddles and 2-3 life wests are included when you rent the canoe. If you prefer you can also paddle it with a double paddle for kayaks. Experitur has one inflatable canoe for rent and you make the reservation by calling or sending us an email.