City bikes


Our city bikes “Emma”, from the famous brand Monark, are perfect for trips in the nearby area. They are comfortable and easy to ride, with 3 gears, foot brake and an upright sitting position, which allows you to enjoy the surroundings. With a basket in the front and the package holder in the back you can bring different kind of equipment. We also rent bike bags in case you want to make a longer tour.

These bikes are suitable for you measuring approximatley 160-185 cm.

Grab the picnic and take off on a nearby adventure


3 hours 150 SEK / 15 euro

24 hours 250 SEK / 25 euro

3 days 550 SEK / 55 euro

Contact us for more information or if you are looking for long time rental.

Where to go

Tours in Örebro

Bike along the River Svartån towards the nature reserve Oset and Rynningeviken. Here you also find the restaurant Naturens Hus where you can have coffe or lunch before you continue your trip all the way to Lake Hjälmaren.

Bike upstreams along Svartån towards Karlslund. Enjoy the lush green next to the river and the sound of birds singing before you arrive to the beautiful mansion house Karlslund.

Tours around Askersund

Bike along Lake Alsen, the northernmost part of Vättern, and visit Stjernsunds castle. The history of the castle date back to the 18th century. Join a guided tour of the castle, visit the small shop and don’t miss out the beautiful scenery and the delicious bakery from cafeteria next to the lake.

Around 6 km south of Askersund you find the monument dedicated to Sweden’s first female aviator, Elsa Andersson. In 1922 she lost her life in a tragic accident while performing a sky diving jump. Follow the road towards Edö and the last 300 m are done by foot.

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