Silverback MTB

Silverback mountainbikes have front suspension, good grip and are perfect for rough forest trails with difficult sections.

Out and enjoy with MTB!

3 hours 300 SEK / 30 euro

Full day 450 SEK / 45 euro

3 days 1150 SEK / 115 euro


With an electric MTB no challenge is too difficult! You can choose between three different levels of assistance; eco, trail and boost. With the eco-mode you can bike for around 100 km.

Our e-MTB’s have front suspension and 10 gears. The battery is easy and fast to charge in any wall socket (220 V). Allow yourself the luxury of some support on your next bike adventure!

Save some energy with a little help form electric power.


3 hours 400 SEK / 40 euro

Full day 550 SEK / 55 euro

3 days 1450 SEK / 145 euro


For the younger generation we can offer these nice 24″ MTB. They have 8 gears and disc brakes. Give your children a fun bike experience while trying out some fun forest trails.

Fun for kids

3 hours 150 SEK / 15 euro

Full day 250 SEK / 25 euro

3 days 600 SEK / 60 euro