Rent kayaks and explore the waters around Askersund or the archipelago of Vättern where you can criss-cross among the beautiful islands. Kayaking gives you a wonderful feeling of being united with the water. You can start paddling directly from Askersund. A nice stop is the castle of Stjernsund where you can stop for coffee or lunch. From here you can continue towards Kärraviken in Åmmeberg, or make a tour under the magnificent bridge over Stora Hammarsundet.

It is also nice to take the kayaks to Hjälmaren next to Örebro, or to Tisaren and Sottern in Hallsberg area.

Our kayaks

Our Seabird Expedition are safe and stable kayaks if you are a beginner but they are still fun and nice to paddle, also for the more experienced ones. There is plenty of space for all your gear if you want to go on an overnight adventure. Seabird Expedition is a sea-kayak and is best used on lakes. For paddling on rivers we recommend our packrafts or inflatable canoe.

We have two Seabird Expedition for rent. Paddle and life west is included and we are happy to give recommendations for your tour and show how to find our favourite places. If you are going on an overnight adventure we also rent tents, sleeping bags, kitchen gear and other things you might need for your tour.

We can really recommend that you go and explore the archipelago of Vättern. See map of Lake Vättern archipelago

If you are on a day trip and are aiming for the archipelago we recommend that you start a bit further south and we can deliver the kayaks to either Olshammar or Bastedalen for an extra fee. If you are out on an overnigh trip you can easily start from Askersund.


Full day 400 SEK

24 hrs 450 SEK

3-day package* 1300 SEK

* 3-day package price includes 3 days/2 nights rental. Start in the morning on day 1 and end your tour late afternoon on day 3. Delivery/pick up to Olshammar or Bastedalen is included for those of you who wants to paddle in Lake Vättern archipelago. For delivery to Tisaren in Hallsberg there is an additional 200 SEK so total price 1500 SEK. For delivery to Örebro we take an extra 300 SEK so total price 1600 SEK and the same goes for delivery to Sottern.

Rent kayaks in Hallsberg

Except Lake Vättern there are also many other beautiful lakes in the area, all of them offering nice kayaking and great opportunities to overnight on an island. Both Tisaren and Sottern in the municipality of Hallsberg offers great paddling opportunities with a nice mixture of open water and areas with plenty of islands.

Rent kayaks in Örebro

Hjälmaren next to Örebro is also good for paddling and we can deliver the kayaks there for a small cost. Start in River Svartån next to Naturens Hus restaurant and continue towards Hjälmaren. A nice overnight tour is to paddle to the beautiful nature reserve Björkön.

If you are mainly paddling along River Svartån we recommend canoe or packrafts instead since they are easier to lift.