Other equipment

By bringing the right equipment on your tour you will get a great outdoor experience!

We want you to be able to see and explore the nature in the very best way and a good start is to have the best equipment for the tour. A comfortable backpack, smart and suitable bike bags, outdoor kitchen and other things that might come handy.

If you are planning for an overnight adventure we also rent all the equipment you need for a good night’s sleep outside: tent, sleeping bag and matress.


Plan your next adventure with Experitur! It doesn’t matter if you are going on a shorter bike- or hiking trip, or a longer adventure where you need to carry a lot more. We offer different types and sizes of backpacks so that you go through with your adventure.

Do you want to try a packrafting trip with overnighting “out there”? Rent a backpack that fits perfectly with the packraft, and of course you can also rent dry bags to keep your gear dry during the whole adventure.

Prices backpacks

Day backpack Vaude 12-14 L 60 SEK or 6 euro / day

Day backpack Vaude 20-25 L 80 SEK or 8 euro / day

Hiking backpack 50-60 L 100 SEK or 10 euro / day

Bike bags

Experitur rents bike bags from Vaude, both frame bags and bags that goes on the luggage carrier. With these bags you can bring what you need for a nice bike holiday.

We are happy to give tips and ideas about interesting sights and nice places where you can overnight.

Prices bike bags

Bike bags for luggage carrier, package price 120 SEK or 12 euro / day and 500 SEK or 50 euro / week

Vaude Aqua Back, 2 x 24 L

Vaude Top Case, 30 L

Bike bags for front, frame and saddle, package price 110 SEK or 11 euro / day and 450 SEK or 45 euro / week

Vaude Trailfront, 19 L

Vaude Trailframe, 8 L

Vaude Trailsaddle, 12 L

More pictures of our bike bags will come. For more information please contact us!

Outdoor kitchen

We rent different types of outdoor kitchen for your cooking. More pictures will come but until then you are welcome to contact us for more information. We also have some other stuff that might be useful on you trip!