A packraft is the perfect companion if you like to go paddling. It is light weight and easy bring along no matter where you are going. On a hiking trip in can be used to cross lakes and rivers or to visit some beautiful islands that you otherwise would only be able to see from a far…

The packraft model Alpacka Caribou weighs only 3 kg and if you include padel and lifewest you will get a total of 4 kg. Easy to carry and quick to inflate. An inflation bag will do most of the job and then finish off inflating by mouth to get maximum pressure.

A packraft is the perfect companion for any trip
Alpacka Raft Caribou is easy to paddle and can carry a heavy load

With a packraft you can explore streams and rivers, for example River Svartån that flows through Örebro. Or do you want to visit the beautiful archipelago of Vättern and maybe find your own island for some real relaxation. We are happy to give our best recommendations where to go. The backpack can be attached in the front of the packraft so that you can carry it inflated for shorter distances.


Full day 450 SEK / 40 euro

3 days / 2 nights 1200 SEK / 120 euro

Do you want to explore bigger areas? Combine packrafting with fatbiking for an unforgettable adventure!