Tents & sleeping bags

Experitur rents tents, hammocks, sleeping bags and mattresses plus some other useful things. We have the equipment you need whether you are going on a longer tour, like a bike packing or hiking tour, or if you just want to sleep outside in the garden.

Do you need help to plan your adventure? We have a lot of experience of outdoor life and different kind of activities. We are happy to give help and advice and can also help you to plan the route for your trip.

Rent tents & sleeping bags


Experitur rents tents from Vaude and Hilleberg for 1-3 persons. All our tents are easy to handle and carry. They are also reliable in different kind of conditions and offer you a safe haven to matter what kind of weather you get. Of course we also rent the rest of the gear that you need to comfortably sleep outside; mattress and sleeping bags suitable for spring, summer and autumn.

The tents can be picked up in Askersund or be delivered to the nearby area for a small fee. We deliver to Hallsberg, Örebro and Tiveden upon request.


Hilleberg Enan for 1 person 140 SEK or 14 € / night 800 SEK or 80 € / week (7 n)

Vaude tent for 1-2 persons 150 SEK or 15 € / night 850 SEK or 85 € / week (7 n)

Vaude tent for 2-3 persons 220 SEK or 22 € / night 1300 SEK or 130 € / week (7 n)

Tentipi Safir 7 for 1-7 persons 590 SEK or 59 € / night 3000 SEK or 300 € / week (7 n)


Would you like to lay in your hammock, gently rocking between two pine trees while you are watching the sky? The mosquitos are kept outside thanks to the integrated mosquito net. In case it starts to rain you just put up the tarp that comes with the hammock. Experitur has one Hennessey hammock for rent and it is recommended for one person and maximum 130 kg.

We also have one ultra light hammock from Sea to Summit which fits one person. Here you can also rent mosquito net and tarp separately.

A tarp gives a great shelter for the wind and rain and at the same time it is light weight and easy to pack on any excursion. Experitur rents one Hilleberg UL 10 tarp that provides excellent shelter for a smaller group.


Hennessey hammock Explorer, 1 person 140 SEK or 14 € / night 700 SEK or 70 € / week (7 n)

Sea to Summit hammock, 1 person 80 SEK or 8 € / night 400 SEK or 40 € / week (7 n)

Hilleberg UL 10 tarp (2,9×3,5 m) 120 SEK or 12 € / night 600 SEK or 60 € / week (7 n)

For more information and reservation, please send us an email.

Sleeping bags and mattresses

Experitur rents sleeping bags from Marmot and Vaude, suitable during the summer season with a comfort temperature down to 0 degrees.

We have two Marmot Trestless Elite 30 which is a unisex sleeping bag suitable for persons up to 190 cm. We also have two sleeping bags from Vaude, one of them suitable for shorter persons.


Marmot Trestless Elite sleeping bag 100 SEK or 10 € / night 400 SEK or 40 € / week (7 n)

Vaude sleeping bag 100 SEK or 10 € / night 400 SEK or 40 € / week (7 n)

Therm-a-rest half- or full length 50 SEK or 5 € / night 200 SEK or 20 € / week (7 n)

Air mattress Halti or Sea to Summit 50 SEK or 5 € / night 200 SEK or 20 € / week (7 n)

Please make your reservation by phone/WhatsApp/Messenger or send us an email: