Bike tour along Lake Vättern and through Tiveden’s forests

Experience culture and nature by bike!

During four days you get to explore the beautiful nature, exciting history and interesting culture around Lake Vättern and Tiveden. Start from the charming town of Askersund and bike to Stjernsunds Castle before you continue to Olshammar where you learn more about the poet Verner von Heidenstam and the Saint Birgitta (Saint Bridget of Sweden).

From Olshammar you continue into the deep forests of Tiveden. Tiveden is famous for the red water lilies at Lake Fagertärn, the old Finnish village Tivedstorp and the dramatic and beautiful nature of the national park. Good food and comfortable accommodation gives you the little extra on this trip.

Read more about the adventure further down!

Tivedstorp village is located in the heart of Tiveden

Day 1 – 30 km

Askersund is the cozy town next to Lake Alsen which is the northernmost part of Lake Vättern. The harbour is the natural meeting place during the summer. You can stroll along the pier with an ice-cream and admire local handicraft at the small shops next to the square.

At the south end of Lake Alsen you can see the Stjernsund castle, considered to be one of Sweden’s finest. The castle belonged to the Bernadotte family until the mid 1850’s when King Oscar I sold the property to his son, Prince Gustaf. On a small hill nearby the castle the prince used to sit and write and, among others, he wrote on the most famous student song in Sweden.

You pick up your information package, and bike if you have chosen to rent one, during the morning and start pedalling the 7 kilometres towards Stjernsund. The bike route is a gravel road that goes next to the water and passes green fields where the cows are grassing. Once you arrive at the castle you can choose to join a guided tour and hear more about the history of the castle. From the 1860’s the castle became the property of the family Cassel who are famous for breeding the Swedish red-and-white cattle.

Walk down to the cafeteria on the lake shore where you can watch the boat traffic and the view towards Askersund while you treat yourself with a coffee or lunch. Afterwards the tour continues towards Olshammar. You bike through pastoral country side along roads with very little traffic. Only a short part of the route follows the main road.

Once you arrive in Olshammar you check in at Olshammarsgården where you will enjoy a nice three-course dinner made out of local specialities. Before dinner you have the possibility to visit the Birgitta-church and take a short walk down to the harbour. You can also visit the room where the poet Verner von Heidenstam was born on July 6th 1859. Take a look at the inside of the door where he was measured fom the age of 4 until 21 years.

Day 2 – 25 to 30 km

After a good breakfast it is time to pack you lunch package and continue the tour. Maybe you allow yourself a refreshing swim in Lake Vättern before you go.

From Olshammarsgården you bike along narrow roads, mainly gravel, into the large forests of Tiveden. After 11 km you arrive to the nature reserve Fagertärn. Fagertärn is famous for its red water lilies flowering in July and August. The red colour comes from a mutation and was first noticed in 1856. The red water lilies are protected since 1905.

The hike around Lake Fagertärn is beautiful whether the water lilies are flowering or not. The trail is 2,5 km but partly difficult and you really get to see the typical and dramatic nature of Tiveden. Maybe this is the place to enjoy your picnic lunch and there are several tables where you can sit and eat.

The biking then continues, partly along the old pilgrim trail Munkastigen. The monks used to walk from the cloister of Riseberga all the way to Olshammar and from there take the boat to Vadstena on the opposite side of Lake Vättern. If you are using fatbike or MTB you can choose to bike along forest trails. Otherwise the nice gravel roads will take you to sights like the Cave of Johannes – Johannes Kammare. In year 1834 Tiveden was haunted by cholera and a man named Johannes used this cave as his shelter. You will also pass the former water well, Munkakällan, but we recommend that you DON’T drink from it…

From Lake Bosjön you have around 10 km to Tivedstorp but in case you have extra energy you can visit the outdoor museum with old buildings of Dammtorp. Once arriving to Tivedstorp you get to check in to one of the charming houses and allow yourself some relaxation before it is time for dinner.

Day 3 – 40 km

The history of Tiveden goes back to the 15th century when Finnish people settled here. They were know for there slash-and-burn agriculture and the area is still referred to as the southernmost Forest of the Finns. The ancient name of Tivedstorp is Hindrikstorp, after its founder. These large and remote forests have been a popular hide-away for the outlaws and many myths and stories has come to live here.

On this day you get to bike through the magical forests, pass by magnificent rocks and calm lakes and ponds. After breakfast you can prepare your lunch package and start your day by biking to the entrance of the National park. On the way there you pass between the steep cliffs of Stigmanspasset where the outlaws and robbers would attack the people passing by.

At the main entrance you can read about the area and flora and fauna. If you want to go for a hike in the National park we suggest Stenkällerundan which is a popular walk and not too difficult. Tiveden has lots of visitors so it might be a good idea to come here quite early for a peaceful experience of the park.

From the main entrance the biking continues along nice gravel roads. You follow the shore of Lake Stora Trehörningen, pass by Ösjönäs and continues to Sannerud at Lake Unden. After 12 km you arrive to the church of Tived. Follow the road Byvägen to the centre of Sannerud and the coffee shop where you find locally brewed coffee.

Next door you find the local store and the “forest restaurant” Luripompa. In case you need to adjust your energy levels this is a great opportunity. The last 10 km back to Tivedstorp goes along a tarmac road, leading uphill and away from Lake Unden. The last bit you will recognize from yesterday. In case you have lots of extra energy you can bike down to the beautiful beach of Vitsand, about 4 km one way. Otherwise some well deserved rest and a good dinner awaits you in the evening.

Day 4 – 30 to 40 km

It is time to leave Tivedstorp and continue the bike tour through the large Tiveden area, but now in direction towards Askersund. The route goes along great gravel roads, passing by small countryside villages and farms. Maybe you want to stop at one of the forest lakes and enjoy your packed picnic lunch.

10 km before Askersund, in Dohnafors, you find an old log house from the end of the 17th century. Kullängsstugan is an excellent exampel on how a well-off farmer could live at this time. The house has two large rooms separated by a hallway and a chamber and is surrounded by fields and cropland. It was a daily homestead until 1936 when it was donated to the regional museum of Örebro.

From Kullängsstugan you bike the last part back to Askersund. Maybe it is tempting to stop in the harbour for a well-deserved icecream.

This is included

Accommodation for 3 nights (including bedlinen and towels) where 2 of these nights are at hostelTivedstorp, 3 breakfasts, 3 picnic lunches (day 2-4), 3 dinners, entrance to Verner von Heidenstams birth room in Olshammar.

Price 5 580 SEK


City bike 450 SEK, fatbike, 1100 SEK, mountainbike 1200 SEK, e-MTB 1850 SEK

Luggage transportation 1450 SEK

and/or bike bags and bike service

Start and/or finish your tour directly at the train station in Hallsberg. Add 1-2 extra days with food and accommodation included and take the train to your bike adventure! We will meet up with the bikes at the train station and can bring some of your equipment in the car. There are several nice roads and bike routes to get to Askersund. Price 1950 SEK per day.


Possibility for an evening paddling or a full day canoeing or kayaking in the archipelago of Vättern.


Add one more day for hiking or biking in Tiveden or explore this unique nature in new and different way – in a wooden canoe in one of the many beautiful lakes.

Information och booking

Reservations can only be made by phone or mail. During peak season accommodation gets fully booked very quickly so we recommend that you plan you bike trip to June and early July or August.

Send us an email with your wishes regarding dates, how many persons you are and what kind of bikes you want to rent. We will then get back to you regarding availability.