Rent all the outdoor equipment you need to explore the nature. You don’t need to buy or bring everything with you but can rent it on the spot!

Experitur rents different kind of bikes, packrafts, kayaks, tents and sleeping equipment from some of the best brands on the market. We can also give you tips and ideas of beautiful and fun routes both on land and on water.

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Have you ever thought of combining biking and paddling? Why not go on a bikerafting-tour? The packraft can easily be packed on a bike and when it’s time to go rafting you just inflate the packraft, strap the bike onto the front of the raft and off you go! Wanna know more? Contact us for more information!

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Experitur means experiences. By providing outdoor equipment Experitur Rentals want to help you to get new experiences and create your own adventures. Our equipment comes from some of the best brands on the market to make sure that you have good and reliable gear with you.

The company started in 2018 and has the base in Askersund at the Northern part of Lake Vättern. The area offers amazing nature of all kind, with the archipelago of Vättern and wilderness of Tiveden nearby.  Further North you find the city of Örebro, with it’s castle and the river Svartån. Next to Örebro lies another beautiful nature area, Kilsbergen, with endless biking possibilities. The hiking trail Bergslagsleden passes through both Kilsbergen and Tiveden. For a small delivery cost we deliver your rental equipment also to destinations in Tiveden or Kilsbergen/Ånnaboda.

With all this incredible nature around we find that the area is the perfect destination for outdoor activities. By renting different kind of outdoor gear you can try new activities, travel lighter and save the environment by buying less.

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The Robinson Crusoe tour

Ready for adventure

I packed my backpack to the packraft and took off towards the Island Stora Aspön in the archipelago of Northern Vättern. It was windy and I was the only person out this day…

After about 6km of paddling I arrived, packed the packraft, had some coffee and started hiking.

Stora Aspön is the bigger of two islands with the same name although the other one is called Lilla Aspön. Both islands have prepared and marked hiking trails.

4 kg packraft including paddle and lifewest. The rest is food… 

I felt like Robinson Crusoe on a deserted Island. Although I wasn’t alone! There where plenty of marks from wild boar and poo from rabbit and dear. I didn’t see any animals though, but birds were singing during the whole hike.

There has been people living on this Island from at least the 17th Century. 

Someone had a small hut over here…

To be continued…